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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Thank you for the insight. It makes incredible sense, too.

I'll say that after seeing these floors on here and every boutique site I've gotten used to them and warmed up to them even, but I agree - my first thought was basically, what's up with the nasty old floor?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Something happened yesterday that I thought I'd share with all the etsy/website bow mommas here at HG

I was sitting in the waiting area just outside where Christine's class was being held (gymboree type stuff). Anyway, I had some time on my hands so I started cruising through etsy, looking at all the pretty photos.

One of the moms leans over my shoulder and blurts out "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor".

I checked the pic she was pointing at and it was one of those where the photog used that fake whitish-board floor up against a fake wall.

Her comment got the other moms buzzing so they all came over to look too. Each and every single one of them said the exact same thing. They didn't like the pics with bows on the floor! (now, at this point, they didn't know the floor setup was fake).

After these 20+ women agreed in unison, I showed them a pic of a bow that was photographed on a picture frame. They all thought that was a very pretty and clever idea.

I eventually told them that the rough wood floor was fake and that "no bows were harmed during production" (with a little laugh).

Then one mother said, "Doesn't matter. If you hadn't of told us it was fake, we wouldn't have known. It looks like they put their bows on dirty floors. And like Nicole said (she was the first mom to speak up).. "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor".

So there you have it. A very hands-on, quasi-scientific study
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