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Default Re: Gotta figure this out, help me please!

Ok here is the rest:

pic 6 - this is what the back of the bow should look like before you sew the center

pic 7 - you are ready to sew your center when the front looks like an X and the back ribbons are straight across. Start at the top of the bow and put your needle in on the front side, don't pull your needle all the way through. Next you want to sew 3 stitches down the middle, again, without pulling your needle all the way through. After you have 3 stitches pinch your bow middle and wrap your thread a few times, wrap it tight, but not too tight. If you wrap it too tight you won't have enough wiggle room to twist your loops.

pic 8 - this is what your bow should look like after you sew and wrap the thread around it. When you get finished with wrapping the thread, don't tie it off yet. Now is when you want to perk your loops. This is hard to explain, you just start pulling them up until they look like you think they should. After you get you the loops perked you can pull the center a little tighter and tie off the thread.

pic 9 - this is what your finished bow should look like. Don't forget to starch and bake or hairspray and blow dry your finished

I hope this is helpful to you in some way. If you are still having trouble let me know and I'll do what I can to help you!
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