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Default Re: OTT/Stacked Bows

Originally Posted by Melimely77 View Post
Awesome bow I luv that style!
I'd love to know how to make that type of bow? I recently started making bows too.
I've mostly stuck to these type of bows in the pictures but I would like to expand my selection. I see tons of different names(OTT. Twisted, Boutique etc..) and not sure what type i am making? Also asking for tips and comments on them. Thanks! Sorry if I butted in to this thread! :/ But I really liked that bow
Those bows you're making, to me, are stacked bows. They look really nice. There are all kinds of different bows you can make...just do a lot of searching and if you find something you like, try it out. That's how I learned...and a lot of experimenting. A lot, Lol! I've wasted more ribbon than I care to know.
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