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Default Re: "I wouldn't buy something that's been lying on the floor"

Originally Posted by vfish View Post
I'm also guilty of being fooled by the fake backdrops. The first time I saw a newborn laying on the chipping floor I remember thinking to myself how cruel poor little thing. Then it all clicked when I started on hip girl and I really like the look of it but that makes sense that most people think its a real floor.

Thats amazing that we try so hard to make the pics look so nice and other people see some of the amazing pics and wonder why it would be taken on a chipping floor and can't see the effort put into it.

Maybe there should be a disclaimer "photo not taken on real floor, no bows or children were harmed in the process" LOL
When you stop and think about it, their viewpoint makes perfect sense. It's a bow.. on a floor. A floor that has stressed wood and chipping paint. Why would that be an enticement to buy a bow?

(and welcome to HG!)

Originally Posted by Calimama View Post
Ahhh...very interesting. Thanks for posting this.
My pleasure

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
Funny, I was JUST thinking this! BUT, I figured some people would see the photos, and not even get to the reading part before they realize it's fake.
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