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Default Re: Throwing Out ET Lite - Loving My Resin Drops!

Originally Posted by hilogirl_96720 View Post
I used the Xyron to affix the image to the cap, put the resin drop on, covered it with a plastic sheet (used the one that was covering the drops) then used a soft cloth and firmly buffed the drop to make sure it was good and stuck. I checked them this morning and they're still nice and tight, no lifting. I think the secret is to really rub them on well - this got rid of the little air pockets too. The other drops I've used did have a little bit of an issue with lifting within the first 24 hours, nothing major though. I'll check them again when I get home and will report back
Thanks for the info, let me know how they look tomorrow.
That would save me from using the not so friendly ET lite
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