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Default Re: faux wood floor question

Originally Posted by richardson42 View Post
if you need one in a pinch, check out lowes for paneling - you can get it cut in half to make 2 4 ft squares. I use them a lot.
Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Ya, this works great! Jessica gave me the same advice awhile back & I've been meaning to say thank you! It works very well. I bought some that was natural wood (I don't know what you call it, but not painted) & painted it a gorgeous turquoise color. It looks beautiful in photos.

Another thing you can do is pick up a roll of barnwood bulletin board paper at Michaels. It's 5' long & maybe 3' wide or something like that & it's only about $10 & you can use your coupon on it to get it for dirt cheap. I'll attach a pic of it (not a great pic, I couldn't get my cat to model for me that day, lol!) so you can see what I'm talking about.
Oh you ladies are AMAZING!! These are both great ideas! I've never seen the bulletin board paper at michaels and I practically live there

Thank you so much I will try both!
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