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Default Re: Help - see through white halter tutu!

It would not be hard to line.....measure around her chest, under her arms, like you did for the elastic...

buy the satin right off the'll need about double her measurement.

just hem the bottom to the correct length and after to tack it on you can sew the 2 ends together.

I'm no good with the elastic thread, to make it as easy as possible....just strtch out the elastic on the halter as much as you can and hand tack it all the way around while the elastic is stretched...then when you release th elastic it will 'ruffle up' underneath.

I hope that makes sense, I'm not really good at explaining these things!....

Originally Posted by kenni2times View Post
Oh good idea! Never thought of lining it... Although I'm not the most advanced sewer... Maybe I can find a pattern somewhere.

Thanks ladies!
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