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Default Re: ISO Legwarmer, Legging and Baby Shoe Models

Thanks to everyone who has sent emails and pm's. I think I have the girls stuff covered but I'm still looking for a couple boy models!!

Originally Posted by SarahMerritt_22 View Post
I have a 2 year old who wears them all the time! (we have 2 pairs of the football ones!) I also have a 9 week old little boy... here are recent pictures of both (they both wear the legwarmers and my dd wears the leggings also) I would be ok puting the shoes on ds for a few pictures (I still have lots of dd's clothes) we just won't tell hubby haha!
Thanks Sarah! Your kids are so adorable!! Have you done product photography before? Do you have any samples so I'd know what to expect?
Bobbi W. in Canada
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