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Default Re: Help - see through white halter tutu!

Can you put a piece of white satin under the tulle.
It would give it a beautiful finished look for the dedication ceremony, and it would keep the scratchy tulle off her skin..even the soft tulle can feel scratchy with that much on your skin.
Or if you do more layers of tulle it would help cover her.

Originally Posted by kenni2times View Post
So I made a halter tutu dress for my dd to wear for her dedication - I love it but when she wears it, it's pretty see-through.
Do lighter coloured halters need a double layer? Will it still be see-through? Do you just wear something under it?
She wasn't in the mood to model (nap time) but I wanted to show you a pic of what I mean...

Any advice? What should I do? TIA!
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