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Default Re: Just got pictures from a couple Ellie Bean models!

Originally Posted by erinnoie View Post
The problem with watermarking over a plain background is that it's super easy to clone. It took me like 2 seconds in photoshop to remove your watermark Shanna. SUPER cute photo btw!!

For the watermarked files that I give to my clients (after their print order) I use a faint banner style watermark across the photo. It's in an obnoxious enough place to make cropping difficult and also makes cloning difficult.

I just make a rectangle across the photo, fill it with preferred color, lower the opacity, then put text on top.
Oh I like the position of that one much more, and see where it would be hard to crop!

Another HG was so kind as to make me a watermark yesterday so I am all too excited to try it out!!

Thanks for all the replies and critiques ladies!!

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