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Default Re: Just got pictures from a couple Ellie Bean models!

Watermarking is very important. I never thought about watermarking any of my pictures. I don't have product pictures, but I do have a blog with pics of my little girl. Didn't realize that people stole pictures of peoples little girls and things like that until someone copied my story on a pregnancy website word for word, but she didn't take the photos because they had my little girls name in them, etc. That's a whole other story.

Now one thing you can do is is create a nice simple watermark. When you watermark you can make the watermark lighter by changing the opacity from 100% (darker) to 50% or lower so it won't stand out as much. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5. I hear Illustrator is easier than Photoshop and alot cheaper, but is very helpful and you find a million and one tuts out ther.

But heads up anyone who is familiar with Photoshop or any high tech photo editing program can take watermarks out regardless of where they are placed. That's why I like to put hidden objects in my pics. HTH.

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