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Default Re: Lets talk spikes

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
You're fine. So when you sew yours, do you cinch them? Or just do some stitches in the center to tack them together?
No, I don't cinch them. They lay perfectly flat. I sew the center, between the 2 v cuts, through all thicknesses. Then, I put the spike bundle under the bow and attach it. The spike bundle center is more narrow than the center of the bow itself... so it doesn't cinch.

Sheesh, I hope I'm making sense.

Originally Posted by RUBES View Post
When you cut them your way does it 'catch' all the layers (in Shelley's pic that would be the blue/white striped ribbon)?
I catch all of them if the ribbon pieces are wide enough. But if there is a narrow ribbon in the mix, it might not get cut.

The point is to create the center of the spike bundle so that it is more narrow than the center of your bow.
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