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Default Re: Lets talk spikes

I arranged my spikes and poked my woodburner through the center of the stack 4 times and made a slit up the top & bottom of the x for the center ribbon. The slits are kind of hard to see, so I photoshopped some pretty purple arrows in there in case you had a hard time too.

Here is a picture of the spikes, assembled.

Here is how it looks in my bow.

The biggest issue, is the slit that is made on the top and bottom of the spikes. Make sure you turn it over, so the ugly, melted, dark edges are on the underside. If you find that any of your edges are showing when assembled, simply tack your loopy surround layer on top of your slit with hot glue or ds tape to hide it. This is occasionally an issue, but I really like how the spikes lay flat effortlessly this way. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten frustrated with wonky spikes!

Here is a bow done with the layers stitched & cinched (the traditional way) for your reference:
Irish St Pattys boutique.jpg

The spikes are the same exact size on both bows. Not a huge difference.... Which way do you prefer? Do you have issues with wonky spikes too?
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