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Default Re: Adding a snap clip to a rosette hair clip?

Originally Posted by Lynnbr View Post
Ok, I bought some of these and my glue gun started dripping like crazy. So I tried putting them in the freezer like someone had mentioned on here. That did not help then the glue came out uncontrolably and became very stringy. BUT the hold is great! Ugghh

My glue gun drips too, but only because it is sitting upright on its stand. Mine has done that wit any brand of glue sticks that I use tho. If it is mid drip when I pick it up I just scrape it against the stand and that removes the glue drips and any strings. I havent had problems with strings...sorry! If you do get strings you can remove them easily with a heat gun or blow drier. Have you tried that. I would sacrifice the strings for a good hold on the glue.
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