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Default Re: Contacted through Etsy for a Tutorial

Originally Posted by KimberPerry View Post
John(DH) thinks I should do it. Since he is a photographer and graphic designer we could put together a great tutorial and if we make a couple bucks great it will help us with our move back to Missouri. And believe me I want to move now! LOL I would still love to hear other input from you great ladies!
You need to ask yourself if you'd rather sell the product or sell the tut. It's not wise to do both.

Tuts are nice but they aren't the end all be all in terms of cash flow. When you create a tut you are essentially handing someone else the keys to creating their own duplicate product. That means one less sale for you.

Also, tuts are shared (regardless of what the fine print may say). Meaning, you sell one tut for $8.00 (let's say) and 5 people share it. Now, you've lost out on several sales of both your product and your tut. Also, if you do decide to keep making the product you've now just increased your competitive playing ground. And don't forget, they can learn from you and then price their product to undercut you.

It's just my opinion, but if I were you I'd hold onto my designer originals a little longer.
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