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Default Re: Contacted through Etsy for a Tutorial

Originally Posted by DanielleK View Post
Well, no one can tell you what to think about it, but if it were me, I'd be flattered.

How to respond depends on what you want to do. People make good money from tutorials, and once your original work on it is done, you continue to make money as you keep selling it. But it's a lot of work initially.

If you don't want to do it, just politely decline and thank her for her interest in your work.

My opinion, you can't keep people from imitating you and you can't be the only one doing something for very long, so if you've got the next big thing, you might as well capitalize on people wanting to make your design.
Agreed. Unless it is an UBER original idea, there are probably free similar tutorials out there, so might as well make some money off of it, if you have the time to put it together.

Likely someone who wants a tut for it will not buy it, they will search until they find the info to try to make it...

All of my tutorials are now available through my etsy store.

Check out my Tutorial Album on Picasa.
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