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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Hey are things with you? Miss chatting with you. I haven't been here much in ages!!! I am so far behind on everything.
I have several pair of flip flops I need to get done...but this year I want to do the glued down ribbon and not the wrapped...just bought new E6000 so I'm hoping for no telling when I'll get to them...I have no inventory to speak of and I'm working on little girl's purses at the moment (or that's what I'm supposed to be doing ) Hair accessories to follow, I hope. I'll have to check out your Group Buys (like I need more supplies ).
Let me know if you try and have success with the flip flops.


Originally Posted by julia44 View Post
Man I have probably 100 ON flip flops in totes right now (really good deal). This is why I haven't sat down and messed with them yet. I hope you can get it figured day.
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