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Default Re: I have a couple how to questions.. please help

Originally Posted by Tammers View Post
I know I've been a pain always asking for help but I just have a couple more.

not a pain, we all had questions at some point.

1. I've heard some girls talk about making bows for dogs.. what do you do different for making them for the dogs?

For me it depends on the dog or shop owner. Some like the latex bands, others like French clips, and some just want the alligators. It is really up to you to show an example and let them decide (put up a pic of a dog with a bow, a child with a bow, a shoe with a bow...)

2. I've seen a clipped that someone had made a scottie dog out of ribbon and put it on the clip. It was adoable and I keep trying to make it but it look nothing like the one I saw.

I have never looked for a scottie dog clippie. Can you post your version and we can make suggestions?

3. I have signed up for 2 craft shows and I wondering what sells best. Also how do you find the craft shows you go to? I always seem to find them just by passing a sign that it will be there that weekend. The ones I am going to are held at my brothers fire company thats how I heard about them early.

Right now - classics, basic "go with anything colors", simple, but pretty. AND a few uncommonly cool sculptures (ribbon art, 3D things)

I always sell out of fish, ballet shoes and cupcakes. I keep a board with at least one of each of the coolest things I have to get people over to my booth. Then have a variety of everything else. With summer I would add fruits and flowers.

Ok I think thats it for now LOL Thanks everyone!

My comments in red! Good luck!
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