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Default Re: No slip grips

I also use the shelf liner but *think* it may contain some toxins (it's PVC coated). I contacted Mohawk (manufacturer of the one I use) and their response was pretty generic: "While our rug pads are compliant with the CPSIA flammability guidelines (Test 16 CFR 1630, 1631), we do not recommend using this product for anything other than as a floor protector."

I'm also fairly new to the bow-making world. Anyone else concerned about this? Wondering if it will be a no-no come Dec. 2011 (if that law passes....sigh). I certainly don't want to sell unsafe products, but is everyone overreacting? I tend not to worry too much about toxins unless my daughters are putting things in their mouths repeatedly.

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing others' opinions/suggestions.

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