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Default Re: I need advice on empire tutu

I used to tie both top and bottom on the 2nd elastic layer. Tie a gentle yet sturdy square knot at the top on the elastic and again on the bottom. It also depends on how many layers of tulle you are using. For example, 3 layers of tulle then folded in half is 6 layers which doesn't knot nicely and can look bulky. When I use that much, I pick through and take 2-4 of the 6 layers and knot those few around and under the 2nd elastic. That way you can avoid a bulky noticeable knot and you can just lay the untied layers nicely behind the elastic..-Does that make any sense?

Now, I avoid the 2nd layer of elastic all together. After knotting the bottom on the top elastic I just let the tulle hang and when I'm done, I wrap a nice satin ribbon around the waist and add flowers, rhinestones, ect. I prefer not using the 2nd layer of elastic because (it's easier) and you can adjust the puffiness of the empire waist plus it can grow with the child. I attach the ribbon to the tutu by putting a few velcro dots on both the tutu and ribbon. Then add velcro to both ends of the ribbon to attach them together. HTH I normally don't post, I just lurk so I'm not too great at giving directions. Good luck!
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