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Default help! need ideas for dance costume

what are your ideas for this?

my daughters dance teacher wants a " cute animated looking face" made on a circle of felt or something sililar to attach to the torso portion of their costume for a competion dance.

I had a few ideas in mind, once I settle on the features-
keep in mind i need to make 9 of these.

a. get it digitized and embroider onto the felt, borrowed machine from my SIL(I am not sure how well felt would embroider, maybe fleece?)

b. iron on transfer to the felt? with all my dabbling in all things crafty ive steered clear of this stuff lol

c. hand cut pieces out of black felt & glue them

d. somehow use SIL's circut? something else I dont have experience in lol

of course all these lead to the question.. how to attatch this "face" to the stretchy costume lol I guess tacking with a couple stitches?

I need it to look nice what do you think would work best?? or does anyone have a better idea??
BTW the dance is to Be Our guest & these girls are in a sliver tutu costume & are either dishes or silverware or something lol.. there are also other costumed characters.

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