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Default Re: Keeping a Tutu dress straight???? Pulling my hair out

Awesome, thank you, I will add this to my care instructions when shipping out.
Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
easy fix!
2 tbsp of liquid fabric softener -and 1 cup of warm water-mix well -add to a spritz bottle and lightly mist the tulle and fluff with hands to smooth out the cling and wrinkles-do this before the tutu goes on -day before hang up in the bathroom put a HOT steamy shower going for 10-15mins and "steam" out the wrinkles --
I find its mainly static cling that makes the tulle stick --carry the spritzer with you (if your with the child ) and spritz it lightly -dont saturate the tulle -
No I don't use bolt, use the 6 inch rolls and cut in half so that it's 3 inch strips. Maybe keeping them at 6 inch strips instead would help?
Originally Posted by abbieplus2 View Post
I noticed a difference in the size of strips. Are you perhaps using bolt tulle? When I used that it would wrinkle when I cut it in smaller strips. The 6 inch rolls seem to work really good for me.
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