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Default Re: Which photo is best?

Originally Posted by neferua View Post
I like the second one as well. It seems as if it would be cleaner and more professional, IMO. You're basically showing the customer how they would receive the item.

With the 3rd photo you could possibly use that as an "entrance photo." Say for instance you have a section for nylon flower headbands. You could use that pic and at the top or bottom put the number of different colors or something like that. Just a thought.
Good idea. I'm thinking maybe of using a #3 on the thumbnail photos for the site also. i was going to do the cards because of the nature of the band - the way it presents when you lay it out. Since these are nylon they have to be shot stretched. Now I think I like it

TwoHandyHagsBoutique Re: Which photo is best?

#3 to me! Do you mind me asking where you get your headband cards?
Bitsy Bands! SweetPrincessBowtique just did another buy for the pink, too So excited! I love them. They have the inserts on the side and hold really well. Plus she has hanging bags for them that fit w/flowers or small bows.
These were the white ones. I'm hoping she does brown soon.
For larger bands I just cut a slit and pull through behind the flower to get it nice and even.
I can't tell you how much I adore them!LOL
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