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Default Re: question about tulle

Originally Posted by EBell1 View Post
This makes sense for my question. I looked at the 2 different spools and the HL stuff is polyester and the wedding stuff is nylon. Now that I know this I will make sure to stick to nylon if I can. Either way the tutu came out perfect. Im so happy I finally perfected it and I cant wait to share it on here. All that I have left to do is to do the satin ribbon around the waist and add a bow.
Yeah, I came across that info while searching for tulle online, but can't for the life of me remember where I found the site. I made my 7wk old a tutu out of both. The main color is nylon and the glitter/sparkle tulle is polyester. The one I'm making for my 19month old will be out of polyester.

Can't wait to see your pictures!!

Originally Posted by Danie_Edwards View Post
I've noticed the "shiney" or what it says on the HL barcode label (sparkle or sparkly) (and no I'm not talking about the ones with the glitter in them) the ones that say shiney or sparkle by the barcode tend to be a lot stiffer to work with!
I think that's the kind of tulle I bought from HL 10yrd for $2.99, but got it 50% for $1.50. It is very rough and I realized from working with it, if you want the "knot site" to be small like the rest of the tulle, that you want to bunch it tightly in the middle and before you pull your knot tight. But I would only use this as add in and not an entire piece.

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