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Default Re: Putting bows on pony-o's

Pony-O's attached to bows should never ever be used to hold hair in a pony tail. The job of the pony-O (that is attached to the bow) is ONLY to hold the bow to the hair, not to hold the hair in a ponytail. The pony will stretch out and be ruined, or break, or simply fall out or get pulled out of the hair, allowing the hair to fall out of the actual ponytail style. It's important to tell your customers to use a seperate ponytail holder to hold the hair in a ponytail/half ponytail/pigtail first, then apply the bow to the hair. If you do a search, I believe in the instructions area, there is something about Cheer Bow Care from gmcks that lays out care for bows with pony-o's that you could use as a jumping point. Not that I am recommending you copy by any means, but sort of like a template to use to create your own unique instructions to give to potential/existing customers. They are quite comprehensive, yet easy to read. Thanks again to Gmcks for sharing her instructions so we can all learn from them (to have an idea of how to make our own customer instructions: topics, wording, etc, of course!)
Additionally, when making cheerbows, one frequently uses the same floss, upholstery or heavy duty thread, etc., to wrap around (through) the pony-O that they use for tying the center of their bows, it is also common to sew a stitch or two or three through the actual rubber part of the band itself to ensure the pony-O stays attached to the bow. Using glue will not work too well, as the glue will frequently (not always) pull apart the (covering) center wrap, which allows the pony to fall off from pulling on the bow's pony-o to wrap around the ponytail.
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