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Default Re: Hydrangea hat tutorial?

I bought it and I also bought her raggie bows. The raggie bow helped me a bit.

I had already made a couple of infant hat on cotton beanies. Believe this or not I sewed the petals on and added rhinestones and beads. Hand sewn. I just did the front of the hat. I gave one as a gift and have the other two. I will try to post pics. They are adorable. More to the point, I then bought the tutorial and was suprised to see that these are glued on with the plastic piece. I did not make one.. I would still sew them.

Here is my take on that: These hats are used for potraits, but how could you ever tell that an infant would not snatch a piece off. I don't trust my cheapo glue gun.. I guess I have been around choking to much and it is daunting and scary.

However, there is always something to take away from each tutorial, make it your own.
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