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Default Re: Adding a snap clip to a rosette hair clip?

I use the snap clips as well because I think they look better for the rosettes, dont leave that bump like the alligator clips do. First I made sure that the hot glue I was using was getting a strong enough bond to the felt. I found that the glue sticks at HL dont hold as well and eventually tried the cheap WM ones and they hold the best. I just get the snap clip and open it so that the glue doesnt get on that inside piece, run a line of glue on the entire snap clip (not too much where it will ooze over the edges of the snap clip) and then lay onto the felt. Once you get the clip onto the felt you can then close the clip so you can smoosh it easier onto the felt. When I was doing trial and error for the hot glue holding up I would open and close the clip 100's of times and you can tell after about 10 or so times if the glue is not going to hold it will start coming off the felt. The ones I used with WM hot glue sticks has held up throug the 100's of opens and closes. I have not sold a rosette yet, but my daughter wears hers all the time and mine havent come off yet. HTH!
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