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Default Re: I'm scared of using my wood burner...

Originally Posted by hanjaysmom View Post
I took a piece of duct tape and taped the stand to one side of the mat and then place another loosely over the cord (kind of like a tunnel for the cord to slide through), that way, if I accidently drop it or lose control, it doesn't have for to go.
Ooooo, great idea! I love the cord tunnel idea! They also make cord clips for computer mice like that - I bet they would work too if you wanted the cord held in place a bit further back from the mat.

The instructions are here:
A Flight of Fancy: Hairbows, Free Tips

I absolutely love my cutting mat! I can measure out bow loops and parts for clippies right there and never have to move to seal the ribbon. It's more efficient for me to have everything right in front of me since I usually have kiddos coloring on the rest of the table so I can't be spread out everywhere.

Hope that helps!
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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