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Default Re: How to make an Easter Egg?

Originally Posted by cassabella View Post
I've been wanting to make a woven version of an easter egg! Is that what you are thinking? or more 3D?
I didn't even think of woven, but then again anything woven drives me insane. I don't know how to explain, it is flat, egg shaped, and has ribbons and rick rack going across it like it is striped but still with an open feel to it. I am going to try the balloon idea, but have to buy some, dang kids think every balloon is a water balloon even if it is freezing outside! I know after a few more hours of mentally cursing my ribbon I will figure it out, and immediately after I will find pictures of ones exactly like it, that is how my life works! I would love to see your woven version!!! (and most probably buy one, since I know I can't weave to save my life!)

Originally Posted by SarahMerritt_22 View Post
this is the one I make... though I think I have an idea to make it better and be able to decorate it even ....hum
I like yours, and if my ribbon continues to refuse to read my mind I may have to borrow your version, with a few twists or turns to make it my own!

Thanks for the help everyone, as a totally non-artistic person, ribbon art is taking over my life, still can't draw a straight line, but the ribbon doesn't care about that!
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