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Default Re: Line clips "correctly"

I use the same glue from Walmart and if I have an accident and need to take apart as long as there is no metal on them I put it in microwave for a little bit and they come apart easier. I do the same with my Gerber daisy that I have gotten and can't get apart.

Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
This used to happen to me all the time. I used hot glue. I was using hot glue purchased from HL. the name starts with an "S" but i cannot remember the name exactly. I was using a high temp glue gun too.
Every cilp I could pull apart easily!

Finally, I bought some glue at walmart. I think it starts with an "a". Sorry I'm not close to my stash, or i'd go look. It's a clear bag with burgundy on it....
This glue rocks. I also bought the glue gun from walmart with a small nozzle.
This duo has now made my clips super strong & I cannot pull anything I glue apart. If I do, it usually ends up ripping the fabric or making a huge blemish in whatever it was.

I hope that helps. It took me forever to figure this out! I almost stopped selling stuff b/c i thought everything was going to fall apart.
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