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Default Re: Line clips "correctly"

Honestly, I've had such issues with this, I almost gave up making bows!!!

I started out with old glue sticks I had lying around from random crafting, and a low temp glue gun. My clips started pulling away a few weeks after making them - yikes!! I even sold some bows that way and figure I may have lost some repeat business from that.

Then I switched to a Surebonder high temp glue gun, and Surebonder (is that the name? Something like that at least...) glue sticks. Those were okay, but when I was ready to make large quantities of clippies I switched to the tape. I started out with Jodees Sealah tape and LOVED it, but it was pretty expensive. So I switched to Specialty tape and didn't love it *as much* but it was still so simple and fun (really!) to line clips with it.

However, I just now (a few weeks later) noticed that some of my bigger bows that have tape lined clips, the ribbon is pulling away from the clip. When I smoosh it back on, it sticks well again, but this is definitely not okay.

So, my verdict: I'm going to buy Aileens glue sticks when I run out of these, I'm going to continue to use Specialty tape to line clippies (because it's smooth, easy to use, and I've not had issues with them) but for clips that bows will go on, I'll use a tape/hot glue combo to make SURE they're stuck good.
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