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Default Getting with the trends...

Well, my BFF is always getting orders for me Love love her!! Well one of her friends wants the all new trendy rolled rosettes on barrettes and on headbands - well I haven't hopped on that band wagon yet. So I started playing today and made a couple and they don't look too shabby!

HERE's my question - SIZE - Can you give me what's a good size diameter for barrettes and to do 3 on headband?? I have to decide in the next day or so if I'm going to try to do this or let her friend buy them elsewhere!

One of the best roses I made from one of the many youtube tutorials had a 24" suggested starting length. I used 1.5" grosgrain ended up about 1.5" wide - but it's a bit tall and I think I can flatten it out a bit as I practice and probably end up 2" wide.

What do you think "standard" sizes are?

Thanks everyone!!
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