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Default Re: Need help with Envirotex Lite

I had some issues like this with my bottle caps, what i do is i modge podge my project before i put on the et lite. after letting it dry, i mix my equal parts of et lite, and i mix it like something fierce i have it in my cup and take a pop sickle stick and mix mix mix and mix some more just to make sure its ok, after its mixed good i notice its kinda not clear, its cloudy and its got lots of bubbles, so i let it sit for a couple minutes for the bubbles to get to the top, and THEN i put it on my bottle caps.

I check on my bottle caps frequently because usually there are still little bubbles that rise to the surface and i just pop them with a straight pin when the mix is still really really watery and not made it to the gel stage yet

I have found this way is the best way, and ive done lots of experimenting with them

<3 Danie
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