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Default Re: bows with marabou

Originally Posted by erinaj27 View Post
I have done a couple of orders that requested marabou be in the bows or flowers. I just bought the marabou at HL, but the desired length, glued the ends together placed on the layer I wanted it on and stiched a couple of times through the rope part of the marabou to hold it in place and then put the rest of te bow on top of the marabou. I have heard of people gluing the marabou down, but I personally didnt like all the mess with doing it that way. Lol. I think the marabou puffs would be cheaper and easier if you were planning on doing a bunch. I was in a rush for an order so just bought my marabou at HL and havent used it since that one order. lol.
This is how I do it also. I do buy my marabou at HL though and cut it and make my own puffs.....
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