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Default Re: My printer keeps freezing in the middle of prints! It's new!

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
I just purchased an HP Officejet Pro 8500A. It prints super fast and I get tons of pages per cartridge. I have had it about a month now and loved it. This past week I have noticed problems though. Like for one, when I print something, it prints half and then just stops. It's like it freezes. It eventually finished printing, but takes FOOOOREVER! I have tried troubleshooting, I have tried rebooting, I have tried reinstalling. Anyone had this problem before or know how I can fix it? It should not have any problems!
Hey Lady...I have this printer too...but not sure if it's the pro or premium or whatever the version. Anyways....get your book out and call the 1800 number in India and see if they can help. If they seem to not be listening ask to speak to a supervisor! (had to do this a few I had some issues with some of the features setting up...the network folder for scanned files...long story)

As sometimes they assume they know what you are asking without really listening. I have not had this issue, but I don't print alot on this printer either. Feel free to email me and i'll see if I can help, but it does not sound like user error...more like machine error.


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