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Default SLR Help...Which do I get??

I have narrowed my search down to Canon, but which one to get?

I have a point and shoot but want an SLR to take great family photos and do my own product photography for my business (kids clothing and accessories)

So it is between the Canon Xs
or do I go big and go for the T21???

I don't want to get a camera that is too much work for me to learn and enjoy, so I thought the XS would be better, but then I don't want a camera that has too little features so I thought I should just get the better camera T2i...????
But if I get the XS I can afford to get a bundle with an extra lense and other goodies....Any suggestions??

Also, where is the best place to Ebay safe?

I would love to know the best features of both and any negatives...
For example I hate when my pictures come out blurry, do both these cameras have the feature that makes your pictures clear??
Do you need a special lens to do video on the T21?

Thanks for any input!!

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