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Default Disappointed in photos?

I am so bummed. I had sent a lot of nice items to be photographed by an Elile Bean model and mommy photograher. Pettskirts, rompers, Easter items, headbands and hats. I received the first round of pics back and I have to admit I am so disappointed The shots are clear and good quality but the model's head is cut off in most- so it is a close up of the item- and not a whole "look". I am not sure if she was having a hard time getting her toddler to give her a good face or what. Honestly I have a good camera and can get close ups of my items myself, I just wanted beautiful modeling photographs done. I am not sure what to do, I HATE confrontation as I am very sensitive myself and do not want to hurt her feelings, yet it is my business we are talking about! Any advice???
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