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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Cute, cute flip flops. I love making them and they sell well for me in the summer also. In the past I have wrapped my ribbon, but this year I want to start gluing the ribbon to the top of the straps only as I like that look much better (I don't like the gaps I sometimes get when wrapping and it is time consuming ).
I see you are in MA...where are you? I am in Western MA.


Originally Posted by massmom View Post
Flip flops are a big part of my business. After lots of trial and error I make my flip flops with e600 glue, hot glue and dental floss.

I do not use cheap flip flops...Old Navy and am now going to use Inbop for my boutique stores.

I only glue ribbon on top of the straps with e600 and then use alligator clips to secure overnight. I then hot glue the bow and then take dental floss and wrap around the straps twice. Then I take ribbon and wrap it around the straps covering the floss.

I have never had one pair of flip flops come back with problems.
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