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Default Re: interchangeable skinny elastic ???

Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
okay, i made one really quick. I used 1/8" elastic & 1/4" grosgrain.
I don't like the look of it. It looks weird, but you'll never see the loop when the put stuff into it.
As far as it holds up, it worked ok. My dd wouldn't put it on, so I made my ds wear it (mean, I know, but he's 3 & doesn't complain).
He wiggled in it & it stayed in place. I tried with single & double. The double worked best.
Posted really crappy pics of what it looks like.
the last pic shows that its not flush on his head.

PS. don't tell my husband i put a bow on my ds
I love your bow! looks great! lol i laughed out loud when I read that you made your son wear it hahaha
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