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Default Re: Vinegar Before Baking?

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
Attempt 2: FAILED

I sprayed with vinegar, put in the oven for 18 minutes at 220. Bow is no longer shocking pink with white dots. It is shocking pink, again with splotches of purple (although not as bad as last time) and the white dots are now light pink.

I just put another in at 200....

Should I let the vinegar dry before baking? Would that make a difference?

I am determined now to figure something out!!!
Maybe you should wet the ribbon (like dunk it in a bowl) so that it's uniformly wet with the vinegar/ water solution. That may help with the purple splotching; but I'm not so sure about the fading of the dots. Using vinegar in the wash is supposed to remove residues... that's why I wasn't so sure about how it's work for the printed ribbon...
Drying before baking might help.
I also use a salt water soak for new black clothes.... wonder what effect that might have on printed ribbon? I guess I'll be "searching" later.
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