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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by massmom View Post
Flip flops are a big part of my business. After lots of trial and error I make my flip flops with e600 glue, hot glue and dental floss.

I do not use cheap flip flops...Old Navy and am now going to use Inbop for my boutique stores.

I only glue ribbon on top of the straps with e600 and then use alligator clips to secure overnight. I then hot glue the bow and then take dental floss and wrap around the straps twice. Then I take ribbon and wrap it around the straps covering the floss.

I have never had one pair of flip flops come back with problems.
Massmom, those flip flops are fabulous! Love them

So far, I seem to be doing the same things you are. I'm using Old Navy shoes, E6000 glue and clips to secure it overnight. But, like others have said, maybe it's the toddler shoes specifically that have this problem? The shoes sat for at least 30+ hours and still the E6000 didn't hold the ribbon down.
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