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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
okay . . . next possible solution is to try to drill a hole thru the flip flop band!

or . . would she mind if you sewed a button on . . . and then attached your korker to that?

i'm trying to get you away from glue!

edit - just rereading . . . this is going waaay beyond the kiss theory . . . gotta be a better way!
I'm laughing because I wonder how many people know what the "kiss" theory is! I haven't heard that term in ages! lol

I think what I'm going to try and do is glue the ribbon one more time using the flip flop glue. I know how I'm going to attach the korker (using ribbon) but I'm primarily concerned with the straps at this point. This is turning out to be quite the project!
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