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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by QueenBow View Post
Are you using Old Navy flops? I had problems witht he toddler ones last year. The rubber is not the same as the bigger flops
Yep! I sure am! You had trouble with them as well? These are the ones that are giving me a problem (pic at bottom).

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I'm sure you did, but did you use quite a bit of glue? I also go back several times and push the bow/korker down to make sure its touching the glue.
I'm very glad you asked this question because this is the type of step that could've been overlooked.. but yes, I did do this (several times in fact). I haven't attached the korker bow yet because I can't get the ribbon to adhere

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
holy crap - they're making flip flop glue!

wonder if this stuff will work . . .

and they advertise . . . "FLIP FLOP GLUE is never runny so only a small amount is ever needed to really hold stones in place without clamping or pressing."

and they suggest cleaning the strap w/vinegar . . . cause "
Plastic, jelly type straps contain a softening agent to keep them soft and flexible. This softening agent continually oozes out of the plastic leaving an oily feeling on the surface. Even if you wash it off, it eventually oozes out again. Heat helps release the agent, so keep decorated flip flops cool"

lol - i'm gonna keep w/my original crochet technique = no glue!

edit - gotta find out what kind of glue they used - lol!

edit edit - here's another article that says nothing will stick to the cheap ones - oozing factor is high!
Yes!! That's what's happening to me! The ribbon just isn't sticking to the straps. They are indeed very soft and pliable.

Phooey. That means in order to decorate the straps I'm going to have to wrap them. With the back strap, that's going to be awkward.

Does anyone have any pics of fully wrapped toddler back-strapped flip flops they could share with me?
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