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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

holy crap - they're making flip flop glue!

wonder if this stuff will work . . .

and they advertise . . . "FLIP FLOP GLUE is never runny so only a small amount is ever needed to really hold stones in place without clamping or pressing."

and they suggest cleaning the strap w/vinegar . . . cause "
Plastic, jelly type straps contain a softening agent to keep them soft and flexible. This softening agent continually oozes out of the plastic leaving an oily feeling on the surface. Even if you wash it off, it eventually oozes out again. Heat helps release the agent, so keep decorated flip flops cool"

lol - i'm gonna keep w/my original crochet technique = no glue!

edit - gotta find out what kind of glue they used - lol!

edit edit - here's another article that says nothing will stick to the cheap ones - oozing factor is high!

edit edit edit . . . & here's the unofficial test of e6000 vs gem tac on f/flops . . .

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