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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Ok, some bad news

The ribbon I put on Christine's flip flops yesterday morning with E6000 (and let dry fully overnight and into the afternoon) has come off the shoe

I just went to pick them up off the table to work on them and the ribbon was already peeling away from the shoe in several places.

Now, I have to say, I did *not* wrap them. What I did was glue the 3/8" ribbon to the top of the sides. I didn't want to wrap them because, first of all, they have a back-strap (it's a toddler shoe). Secondly, I thought the wrapped ribbon might bother her.

So, it's back to the drawing board. But I'm not really sure how I can fix this
I'm sure you did, but did you use quite a bit of glue? I also go back several times and push the bow/korker down to make sure its touching the glue.
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