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Default Re: Are any of these good enough?

Oh dang! How did you do that? Can you email it to me? [email protected] what program are you using? I really need to get a better camera and it was overcast today.

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Your girls are so cute, Angie! I love Alex's messy hair bun - that is my favorite look for little girl's modeling headbands like that for some reason, I just think it's precious!

I think your pictures are good enough for listing, but I think with a little bit of editing & changing your settings or the time of day that you're shooting, they could be even better.

I hope you don't mind, but I edited one really quick, just on a free editing program - nothing fancy because I don't know how to do fancy, lol! It only took about 1 minute & I think it makes it even better. I'm sure some of the brilliant photographers around here could give you some phenomenal advice on shooting & editing.

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