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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

To better organize my work space, I got 2 shoe organizers at a resale shop
(one is much nicer and from Pottery Barn, and one is a cheapy vinyl/canvas one, but all told, I only spent $5 on both of them and they're wonderful!)

These shoe organizers are now holding my rolls of tulle!
The nicer one (pottery barn) has 10 compartments, and each compartment holds up to 2, 100 yard spools of tulle!

The uglier one (LOL) has 20 compartments, and each compartment can hold 3-4, 25 yd spools, or 1, 100 yard spool!

I don't care about my work space looking like a martha stewart magazine,
I just need it neat & organized!
I hope this idea is helpful to you guys!!

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