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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by Braids'nBows View Post
I have read some ladies use zip ties for bows before adding the center ribbon. Not sure if that would work right for korkers though.
I had read that too. They certainly would never come off then!

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
i have read that too but then wondered: where does the little nub go once you cut off the excess? if you leave it towards the bottom of the flip flop i think that it would hurt you and if you leave it on top then you wouldnt be able to cover it with ribbon
That's the dilemma I think.. what to do with that part? I know I used a zip tie to hold a massive pony o one time and that nub bothered me to all heck and back.

Originally Posted by kclements73 View Post
I zip tie mine and they work out fine along with lots of e6000 and hot glue and anything else I can get my hands here is a pic of mine.....
Hold sweetness those are just gorgeous!

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
I use E6K to glue the ribbon to the flop, but I sew the korker to the ribbon before I glue it on to the strap. Here's a pic of some korker flops I made last year.
Love, love them!! I love how you used the drr on them
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