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Default Re: Need help in Making A "Players" Mom Shirt

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
if you have a cricut its alot easier but if you dont what you can do is print out the names on stockcard paper in the size that you want and cut out each letter. then what you are going to do is take the fabric and put fusible webbing on the back of the fabric - you just iron it on - then take your letters flip them so they are backwords and trace them onto the back of the fabric since the fusible webbing has a paper backing then cut out the fabric letters, peel the backing off and place them on the shirt and just press it with a hot iron, dont iron back and forth just press the iron and thts it....if you have a cricut then you can cut out the letters that way...HTH
Do you stitch around the edges or just leave them. I have a cricut that I have yet to use!
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