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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

I dunno if this will help any one but, I have a three tier wire rolling cart that I bought last weekend and I use the top rack to hold my laptop stand and laptop, the second I just put whatever supplies I need in a bag and put in their and third is tools and fabric and I'm set for a few days so I can push it around to whatever room to be with my family!!! I been trying to manage family and bow-making and realized this helped a lot!

Also I started cutting my ribbon to lengths I would need and put them all in bags like someone had mentioned on here!

Love using the hot glue stick tip!

O also the wood burner in the mug FABULOUS! my son grabbed the mug tho after I told him hot repedetly lol but atleast it wasn't the burner itself!

Love this thread!!!
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